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Testimonials About The Pavilion

“I’m just at peace beause I know my mother is being taken care of … We can thank God because we know our mother is getting the best care that she could possibly ever get.”

– Debbie

“They treat you right, they treat you good, they treat you like family, you can’t be treated any better than being treated like family.”

– James

“My husband and I both like living here at The Pavilion, as a matter of fact, we love living here.”

– Maxine

“I have been in my house for over 50 years…it was kind of hard leaving…but I’m so glad I came here.”

“We are so glad we found this for mom…we worried about her so much. Now we have peace of mind….”

“Some people think of assisted living as a rest home…well, let me tell you this is not a rest home. This is a place where you can live a full life.”

“I have talked to friends who live in other assisted living communities….I like mine best!”

“I like that I can be independent, to come and go as I please. I still drive my car and I like knowing that I can use it when I want to.”

“One of the things I like most is that the staff is always there for me. They are so kind and thoughtful.”

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